About DPNA

About DPNA

DPNA company's adventure

Dade Pardazan Nasle Aftab company started working by enterprising in the private sector in the field of data technology and producing some software was in 2007. By several years of hard-working and gaining the complete knowledge of software and getting experience of it eventually, Derayat Pouyan Nasle Afrab company was registered and introduced officially as DPNA company. Many professional professors, experts, knowledge, and experiences are used in this company. Being innovative and alacrity is the first obvious adjective in this company. Being dynamic and trying hard to achieving a goal caused to extend the ability and using suitable tools make the company basis stable. We can help the organization’s productivity of their work to be more efficient. During this, we have been focusing on the obvious and hidden needs of marketing, and by using the creative and naturalized solutions, it is ready to answer all organizations, problems.

DPNA Projects

  • Boustan

    Boustan weekly planning system

  • KaraAks

    Kara aks (personal photo preparation software)

  • KaraBot

    KaraBot - Bot builder platform