KaraBot - Bot builder platform

KaraBot mission:
KaraBot was created to find suitable market positions for buying and selling various digital assets and it does not even need 24-hour monitoring by the trader, but it acts according to its strategy and plan and recognizes when to do it. Trades are suitable to earn profit.

With the KaraBot platform:
- Build your own personal strategy,
- Backtest your strategy without any risk to your funds and with the least amount of time and see the results of the strategy in the past market.
- The analytical intelligence of the robot checks the results for you and provides you with suitable suggestions for optimizing the strategy
- Launch the optimized strategy on the real market and leave all trading operations, capital management, entry and exit to the robot.

You don't need to bear the stress of trading anymore and spend time to do it. The watch list expands according to your choice and trading positions in all exchange symbols are checked in a fraction of a second.


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