Kara aks (personal photo preparation software)

Since the preparation of photos with the necessary standards for visas of different countries, foreign ID cards, official documents to be presented to departments and organizations required spending time to go to the relevant studio to take photos, select and deliver them, as well as a lot of expenses that the studios have to take photos. They think that this initial idea was formed to prepare photos online with the required standard and provide them to customers at the lowest cost without spending time on commuting etc. This idea is based on artificial intelligence and its user interface form is written in Java language.

It's use:
1. Preparation of foreign ID card photo

2. Preparation of photos to present to the embassies of different countries (visa, etc.)

3. Preparation of photos for registration of offices, schools and...

Kara ask features:

1- Smart removal of the background and replacing it with a monochrome background suitable for personal photos.

2- Removing the shadow from the image.

3- Intelligent checking of the similarity of the photo with the photo conditions (standards) used to determine identity:

    3.1- The position and size of the head in relation to the frame, type and size of the photo.

    3.2- Detecting the presence of shadows, hair, mask glasses on the face that will make the photo unusable.

All in all, these facilities will make the user equipped with a camera or smartphone unnecessary to refer to photography.


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