Boustan weekly planning system

Application of the boustan system:

In the academic environment, to start an academic semester, a lot of energy is spent (to collect information and the time limits of classes and professors by group managers and experts) for lesson planning; After that, the time-consuming and difficult process of planning begins, which requires a lot of precision and patience. The ability and experience of the managers and experts of the group at this stage strongly affects the quality of the final program prepared; Sometimes its effect is not evident in the appearance of the program and its problems appear during the semester and during its implementation.
The boustan system has taken steps to help improve curriculum planning, reduce university costs, increase professors' and students' satisfaction by meeting basic needs and requests, and implementing the macro policies of senior managers by applying macro restrictions at the university level. Some of the capabilities and features of boustan weekly program setting system are as follows:

Capabilities of the system's intelligent algorithm:

1. Course interference control
2. The possibility of planning a mixed class, male and female
3. The possibility of planning service courses
4. The possibility of presenting lessons in pairs or individually or weekly
5. The possibility of planning courses symmetrically
6. Optimum use of university resources, including the time of professors and students and the physical space of class formation
7. Orderly and optimal arrangement of rooms
8. Solving the problem of lack of rooms and buildings through the optimal presentation of courses
9. The possibility of allocating one or more special rooms for professors or a group of students
10. The possibility of specifying one or more rooms for a specific lesson or class
11. The possibility of arranging difficult lessons in the early hours of the day (possibility of presenting lessons on a specific day)
12. The possibility of defining the minimum and maximum number of days that professors and students have classes
13. Possibility of continuous presentation of courses for professors and students
14. The possibility of presenting several lessons in sequence or consecutively
15. The possibility of defining the minimum and maximum days between sessions of a class
16. The possibility of simultaneous and non-simultaneous presentation of several lessons
17. The possibility of managing simultaneous courses
18. Determining the attendance time of each professor at the university
19. Maximum and minimum teaching hours of professors per day and week
20. Minimizing the distance between two master classes
21. Determining the suggested time for students of each level to attend the university
22. Controlling the number of hours students attend in a day
23. The possibility of managing the program of joint professors between groups
24. Quick planning of tests
25. The possibility of spatial planning of several tests as a complex in the assembly hall

System user features:
1. Being responsive and can be used on all devices including laptops, computers and tablets
2. Having an organized and user-friendly interface
3. Presenting several proposed programs to give the university the right to choose
4. The ease of moving professors' programs without any interference and in compliance with all related restrictions and laws
5. Ability to save data and reuse program records
6. Providing all kinds of reports, including reports of professors, students, rooms, lessons and classes
7. Communication with the educational system of Golestan in order to get basic information and insert the planning done
8. Lack of planning dependence on the group manager or experts and reducing the planning time
9. High speed of providing output
10. The possibility of getting multiple outputs in the form of pdf and excel files
11. Professional and full-time support team
12. Educational content including books, videos and pamphlets of frequently asked questions


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